Threading Eyebrows & Facial Hair

Most people are aware of the method commonly used for eyebrow shaping called threading. This technique goes way back to the 21st century. All that’s needed to perform threading is a single silk thread, although you can’t simply pick up a piece of silk thread and start enjoying the benefits from home. Threading is a profession that requires practice, but once it is mastered it’s undeniable that you’ll consistently have the perfectly shaped brows that every woman desires.

Threading is most often used for keeping brows in perfect shape and removing any unwanted facial hair that a woman may have.  This doesn’t mean it can’t be implemented in other areas because it certainly can; it’s just that the legs or arms would take too long for the amount of time most people have to spend on hair removal.

Threading at a Salon

To get threaded at a salon by a professional can range in price usually anything around 20USD, so it’s not cheap if you want to keep them in shape which would require visits about once a month.  The other option is to get a silk thread and start watching tutorial videos to understand the technique and practice a great deal.  Be patient though because it’s not going to happen overnight.

Threading at Home

I’ll give you a brief overview of what you need to do with the thread in order to start practicing. It’s a good idea to start by practicing on your legs until you get good enough to move up to a completely visible area like your eye brows.

Preparing the Skin for Threading

  1. Firstly, you need to clean the area. Make sure there’s no dirt or oil (a toner can help with this).
  2. Steam the area by pressing a hot towel on the area.
  3. Then ensure the skin is completely dry.

Don’t thread on top of moles, scratches or wounds of any kind, inflammations and injuries must be healed before threading. For pregnant women, it’s completely safe but during this period of time women are more sensitive to pain so it depends on the individual.

How to Start Threading at-Home

  1. Take the thread and connect the ends together.
  2. Put your fingers inside the thread leaving your thumbs free and twist the middle to form a figure “8”. Keep twisting until there are 6 twists in the middle of the figure “8”.
  3. Now, you will have two rings and to make one side bigger than the other, you should push through your fingers and thumb to make the other side smaller which will move the twist in the middle along. (This is how the hairs are removed.)
  4. So, you then put the thread with the figure you’ve created up against the skin with the larger loop above the hairs and make the loop with the side of your fingers and thumb on the smaller side open in a fast movement so that the twist moves along quickly.
  5. The large loop should now be the small loop and the hair should have got caught in this action.

This procedure may seem daunting at first but believe me; if you practice you’ll be so happy with this precise and economical hair removal method!

The Most Effortless Way to Thread

For those who don’t have the time to spend practicing the technique of threading with a single thread and don’t want to go to a professional either, there is still a way for you to start threading unwanted facial hair from home with this accurate and cost- effective method. You just need a threading tool. There are manual or electric variants which both work equally as good.  The manual variant holds the thread for you so you just need to hold two handles on each side while opening and closing your hands. As for the electric variant – it’s completely effortless! It doesn’t even require you to move your hands, as a matter of fact, you only need to use one hand.

Threading removes hair from the root and is a completely natural, sustainable method which can be an affordable option for anyone.

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