The Straightening Tools Available Today

Hair straightening tools have come a long way, the first hair straightening tongs go way back to the 1800’s when hot rods were heated in hot coal or a fire ashes and then get run along the hair strands until it became straight and smooth – just imagine the burn that would have occurred, all in the name of beauty. As time went on, women were known to straighten their strands with a regular clothing iron in order to straighten their hair. This was highly damaging but it was effective in hair straightening. Thank goodness hair straightening devices have been improved immensely since then and now we are more fortunate to not only have options of different effective straightening tools depending on what hair type we have but also what kind of straightening we want.

The most popular straightening tools on the market today are below with articulation on their differences:

Flat Irons

Different Types: Flat irons each have several differences when it comes to how they are made. You should always pay attention to the materials the device is made of as it makes a huge difference in the how well the device functions and the final results after use. The temperature range should also be paid attention to as each hair type requires a different temperature level to be effective (high temp for thick hair types) and not damaging (low for thin hair types).
How it works: Tongs with flat iron heated plates are pressed together with hair in between and gradually moved down the length of the hair.
Skill/practice required: To simply straighten the hair is easy but to straighten hair correctly requires practice. Straightening hair the proper way requires following the flat iron plates with a comb or brush in order to keep the ends separated when pressing them together which reduces damage to the hair ends.

• Pin straight hair style
• Possibility to curl hair as well.
• Suitable for all hair types.
• When performed regularly it will damage the hair.
• It takes time to achieve the hair style.

Hair Straightening Brushes

Different Types: different sized brush heads and different shaped brush heads; such as oval or rectangular are available (rectangular heads are ideal for short hair as you can get to the roots with ease.) Brushes are made of different materials that provide different benefits and effects on the hair with a range of temperature settings suitable for fine-thick hair types.
How it works: When brushing the strands of hair in a slow motion the hair becomes straightened thanks to a heated plate in the brush head which straightens the hair follicles while you brush.
Skill/practice required: straightening is as simple as brushing your hair, just in a slower motion.

• Naturally straight, smooth and shiny hair style super-fast.
• Effortless and easy.
• Less damage.
• More volume.
• Doesn’t work effectively for all hair types.
• Not super straight and limited hairstyle options.

Hot Air Brushes

Different Types: Various models are available with different sized barrels, different air forces.
How it works: It straightens with hot/cold blowing air, a cylindered, usually rotating brush making it perfect for those wanting volume.
Skill/practice required: the rotating hot air brush requires a little practice to get used to, but some hot air brushes have the option of rotation and some don’t rotate at all and these variants take no practice to master.

• Voluminous straightened hair, smooth, shiny strands within minutes.
• Effortless and easy to use.
• Minimal damage.
• Not suitable for really short hair if the barrel is too big to fit the length of your hair around it.

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