How to Protect Your Hair When You Use a Hair Straightener

As most of us know, hair straighteners can be potentially damaging to your hair. Still, most of us also know that flat and smooth hair, as well as perfectly defined curls that hair straighteners can provide are incredibly trendy, and can make you look amazing. This is why a lot of people are asking how to protect hair from the damage caused by a hair straightener. People want to know how to have their cake and eat it too, in a sense. They want to know how they can use the perceptibly dangerous hair straightener, without causing too much damage to their fragile and precious hair. It’s not an unfair thing to ask for really, and it’s not so difficult once you get the hang of getting into good habits because really that is all it’s about, forming good and healthy habits for your hair.

“First of all, love your hair! What this means is if you’re going to straighten your hair, protect it too. Starting with your shampoo and ending with the very last step you take when styling your hair. If you are the type who straightens your hair often, you need a shampoo that moisturizes and protects your hair, something that helps to protect you from new damage and fix damage already done.”
April Williams, expert of

Always take that extra step when caring for your hair whether it be something small or something huge. Little things like squeezing your hair dry instead of shaking it. When you shake it, the friction can cause tangling and breakage, damaging your hair more when you try and rip the brush through it. The same concept goes for straightening your hair. When you straighten your hair you have to use a straightener that won’t rip your hair out or burn it, that’s why it’s always important to do your research when it comes to purchasing a straightener.

When you straighten your hair, in addition to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, you should always use a protective spray or serum, this goes for any kind of heated styling, you should always protect your hair from the high temperatures in order to keep it looking shiny and soft all together. So, Shampoo and condition with the best moisturizing conditioners, use a straightener that causes less damage like ceramic as oppose to some other mystery metal, and protect your hair with a serum or spray!

Why do I need use conditioner?

Jungle conditioner by lush is a solid conditioner that works a lot like a bar of soap. Famous for their line of bar shampoos and conditioners, this product is all natural and will soften your hair in no time. This product itself was made to leave your hair shining and revitalized as the all natural ingredients like avocado and cocoa butter reverse years of damage with every wash. The product itself is even eco-friendly as the only packaging it comes with is a small piece of paper that smells so delightful you can throw it in your dresser for a fresh scent on your cloths. This fruity smelling conditioner leaves a great smell and texture without residue.

How Does It Work?

Conditioner are made from all natural ingredients; the Jungle Conditioner by lush is no different. Made similarly to the bar of soap we use daily on our skin, Lush has natural moisturizing fruit ingredients that leave your hair shiny and soft, without leaving it oily or leaving a buildup. You use the conditioner similarly to a bar of soap too, meaning you use less than you would with a liquid conditioner, but you get better results! This can save you money in more ways than one as you no longer have to pile various chemically enhanced hair care products to make up for what your conditioner missed.

Key Points:

– All Natural, No harmful chemicals that can cause long term damage
– Easy to use, you are required to use less than you do with liquid conditioner, saves you money!
– Leaves your hair soft and shiny without residue or gunk buildup
– Eco Friendly with less environmentally dangerous packaging products being used.

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